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11/30/16 Flashback Photo: Powrzanas, Jones, Severni, Haverfield View Photo
11/30/16 Flashback Photo: Michael Hames View Photo
11/23/16 1968 Diary, 07/17/68, Photo: Firebase Mongoose View Diary
07/07/16 Flashback Photo: Haverfield and McMahon View Photo
07/06/16 Document: Handbook of Scout Dog Employment (1967) Download Handbook
07/02/16 Radio Interview: Rusty Allen (2010) Listen
07/02/16 Army CID Report of Investigation, Rafael Diaz murder Download Report
07/01/16 Updated Photo: 1LT Thomas Thorpe View Photo
06/13/16 Flashback Photo: Vet Tech John Carter View Photo
06/12/16 Flashback Photo: 47IPSD Football at Eagle Beach View Photo
05/04/16 Flashback Photo: 1LT Miller & mascot Flexible View Photo
08/31/14 Flashback Photo: Franz Schilling View Photo
08/31/14 Flashback Photo: Thomas S. Thorpe View Photo
08/28/14 1970 Diary, 09/09/70, Photo: Tim Edwin Newell View Diary
08/17/14 1968 Diary, 08/25/68, Press Obituary Clips: Marvin R. Pearce View Diary
07/31/14 Flashback Photo: Stanley C. Stockdale View Photo
07/31/14 Flashback Photo: Larry Baker and Cindy 32M5 View Photo
07/29/14 Flashback Photo: Bruce Carroll and Charles Rohde View Photo
07/28/14 Jonathan Wahl's letter to Rich Leonard 11 May 1969 View Letter
07/18/14 Purple Heart Award Certificate: Gunnar Hicks View Award
07/15/14 Flashback Photo: Gunnar Hicks View Photo
07/13/14 Flashback Photo: Zoltan Mestrits View Photo
05/27/14 Flashback Photo: Platoon mascot "Flexible" View Photo
05/21/14 Flashback Photo: Rich Leonard and Linn Sprowl View Photo
05/02/14 Flashback Photo: Leroy Jackson and Clinton Epps View Photo
04/27/14 Flashback Photo: Proper, Powrzanas, Jonson, Wright View Photo
04/26/14 Flashback Photo: Bert Hubble View Photo
02/04/14 Flashback Photo: Glenn Grubbs View Photo
01/28/14 Flashback Photo: Doug McCoy View Photo
01/27/14 Flashback Photo: Franz Schilling View Photo
01/27/14 Flashback Photo: Douglas Scherer View Photo
01/26/14 Flashback Photo: Franz Schilling View Photo
12/21/13 Flashback Photo: Johnny Horn View Photo
11/24/13 Videos: All 47th IPSD video programs now restored View Videos
04/05/13 Flashback Photo: Gunnar Hicks & Princess 1M20 View Photo
04/04/13 Flashback Photo: Scout Dog Rowdy 9A71 View Photo
04/04/13 Flashback Photo: Ron Bullock and Allen Matthews View Photo
03/14/13 Flashback Photo: Ken Hudson with Fellow OK88 View Photo
01/31/13 Flashback Photo: Ernie Jonson and Major 3M47 View Photo
01/20/13 Platoon Reunion Video: San Antonio, TX, November, 1996 View Video
01/19/13 War Dog Memorial Dedication: Ft. Benning, Ga, Oct , 2000 View Video
01/12/13 War Dog Pedestals Dedication: Ft. Benning, Ga, May , 2002 View Videos
12/28/12 Platoon Reunion Video: Ft. Benning, Ga, May , 2002 View Video
12/21/12 Flashback Photo: Ed Reeves on CQ duty View Photo
12/20/12 47th IPSD Videos page View Page
12/20/12 Platoon Reunion Video: St. Louis, Mo, June, 1997 View Video
12/20/12 Platoon Reunion Video: San Diego, November, 1998 View Video
12/19/12 The Big Picture: US Army Video - Scout Dogs View Video
12/18/12 Flashback Photo: Larry Proper and Fellow 0K88 View Photo
12/17/12 Flashback Photo: Hames, Fellow 0K88, and Powrzanas View Photo
12/17/12 Flashback Photo: Hames, Jestes, R. Hermann, Powrzanas View Photo
12/17/12 Flashback Photo: Jimmy Powrzanas and Michael Hames View Photo
04/06/12 New 47th IPSD Guestbook View/Sign Guestbook
03/30/12 Flashback Photo: Gunnar Hicks and Princess View Photo
03/29/12 Flashback Photo: Joe McMahon and Alex View Photo
03/29/12 Flashback Photo: Muir, Haverfield, Bagatta View Photo
03/29/12 Flashback Photo: McMahon, Haverfield, Hicks, Muir View Photo
03/16/12 Paw Power - Book about the 47th by Rusty Allen View TOC
03/06/12 Flashback Photo: Vet Tech John Carter View Photo
03/06/12 Flashback Photo: Muir, Severni, and Hermann View Photo
03/05/12 Flashback Photo: Willie Jones View Photo
03/05/12 Flashback Photo: Gunnar Hicks and Princess 1M20 View Photo
03/02/12 Flashback Photo: Marvin R. Pearce View Photo
03/01/12 Flashback Photo: Rusty Allen and Sig View Photo
02/20/12 Flashback Photo: Thomas Muir and Otis Johnson View Photo
01/31/12 Flashback Photo: Jonathan Wahl View Photo
01/31/12 Flashback Photo: Camp Marvin R. Pearce View Photo
01/31/12 Flashback Photo: Richard Hong driving truck View Photo
05/24/10 James Bradshaw's 1969 Vietnam films of the 47th IPSD View Video
04/13/10 47th IPSD Platoon Commanders (five Lt.'s) View Page
04/11/10 Flashback Photo: James Bradshaw View Photo
04/10/10 Flashback Photo: James Bradshaw at 47IPSD HQ View Photo
04/09/10 Flashback Photo: Art Dentis and Rex 9A20 View Photo
04/08/10 Flashback Photo: Mike Yalango and Boo 7M10 View Photo
09/14/09 "Way"back Photo: Ken Hudson and Patty View Photo
09/13/09 2009 War Dog Mem Photo Ft Benning by Curt Knapp View Photo
07/22/09 1968 Diary: 12/68 entry recalling C-123 landing at LZ Sally View Recollection
07/18/09 Vietnam War Commentary - Walter Cronkite 02/27/68 View Commentary
05/22/09 John Van Clief letter re Diaz' murder and Unit Stand Down View Letter
05/20/09 Flashback Photo: William Stringer View Photo
05/20/09 Flashback Photo: Sally-J (platoon mascot) View Photo
05/17/09 Flashback Photo: Dutch 21 A8 View Photo
05/17/09 1970 11/30 Diary Photo: Diaz Hootch After Explosion View Diary
05/15/09 Flashback Photo: David Wagner View Photo
04/03/09 Monthly Reports: Oct, Nov, Dec 1970, Scout Dog & Mine View Reports
04/02/09 John Carter's Return to Vietrnam 2009 Photo Album View Photo Album
03/22/09 Flashback Photo: Ted Gibbs & Ed Reeves View Photo
02/08/09 Flashback Photo: Sig K036 View Photo
02/05/09 Flashback Photo: Don Hubbard, Paul Kraay, Larry Baker View Photo
01/21/09 Flashback Photo: Roger Kahout and Paul Kraay View Photo
01/21/09 Flashback Photo: Duke in the rain View Photo
01/19/09 Flashback Photo: Paul Kraay and Duke View Photo
12/23/08 Memories from the 47th: Stockdale on Pearce's death View Memories Page
12/07/08 Document: Leonard - Motor Vehicle Operator's ID Card View Document
12/03/08 Salt Lake City 2008 Reunion Photo Album View Photo Album
11/29/08 Highlight Photos: Wahl, Pearce, D. Hubble View Photos
11/28/08 Document: Scout Dog Toby X365 - Military Record View Document
11/28/08 Document: Leonard SS Notice of Classification 1-A View Document
11/27/08 Group Photo: Nat. Inf. Museum, Ft. Benning, 2002 View Photo
06/18/08 2008 Reunion Photo: Salt Lake City, UT View Photo
06/18/08 Flashback Photo: Rich Leonard and Toby X365 View Photo
03/16/08 Flashback Photo: Rusty Allen at 59th IPSD, 1971 View Photo
03/11/08 Flashback Photo: Don Jestes and Rebel X202 View Photo
03/10/08 Flashback Photo: 47th IPSD Kennel Area, 1969 View Photo
03/10/08 Flashback Photo: Jimmy Powrzanas View Photo
03/01/08 Flashback Photo: Gary Goelzhauser and Murphy 6M77 View Photo
02/17/08 2008 Reunion Registration Form View Registration Form
02/02/08 40-Year Platoon Reunion Salt Lake City, UT View Announcement
12/26/07 Newspaper Article: Jimmy Powrzanas Birmingham News View Article
11/08/07 Document: Ed Reeves Letter of Induction View Document
03/03/07 Flashback Photo: Ed Reeves and Prince 986A View Photo
02/22/07 Presentation and Press Release re: Rafael A. Diaz View Documents
02/21/07 Feb. 2007 Newspaper Article: Rafael A. Diaz View Article
12/01/06 Flashback Photo: Frank Steinhebel View Photo
11/25/06 Monthly Report of Operations - August 1969 View Report
11/14/06 Highlight Photos: B. Hubble,Stockdale,Owens View Photos
05/30/06 Toni Gardner's new book about the 47th men & dogs View Web Site
04/27/06 Jonathan Wahl postcard home, 21 Aug 68 View Document
04/25/06 Flashback Photo: Steve Bowers View Photo
04/15/06 1971 Diary, June 1st account of Scout Dog Dug 112M View Diary
04/15/06 Ft. Benning War Dog Mem./Ped. Photos by Dan Tupper View Photos
01/13/06 Highlight Photos: Wyatt, Ebony, Severni View Photos
11/29/05 Flashback Photo: Powrzanas, Wahl, Allen View Photo
09/22/05 Diary Revision: Harraden wounding 07/26/68 ViewDiary
05/12/05 Flashback Photo: Corsello, Harraden, Allen,Wright View Photo
05/10/05 Marvin Pearce - Info released under the FOIA View Info
05/04/05 Flashback Photo: Frank Steinhebel View Photo
05/02/05 Flashback Photo: Linn Sprowl View Photo
05/01/05 Flashback Photo: Richard Hong and Ebony View Photo
04/30/05 Flashback Photo: John Beal View Photo
04/29/05 Flashback Photo: Gary Goelzhauser and Murphy View Photo
04/27/05 Memories from the 47th: Jonathan Wahl View Memories Page
04/18/05 Highlight Photos: Franks, Sprowl, Sawyer View Photos
04/17/05 Flashback Photo: Bill Sawyer and Dug View Photo
03/19/05 Flashback Photo: Wade Franks and Little Joe View Photo
02/04/05 2002 Reunion Album Photos Added (3) View Photos
12/07/04 Highlight Photos: Jones/McMahon, D. Hubble, Leonard View Photos
12/01/04 Web Site Moved to New Domain: Go/Bookmark
11/06/04 Memories from the 47th: Rusty Allen View Memories Page
11/03/04 Memories from the 47th: John Carter View Memories Page
11/03/04 Memories from the 47th: Doug McCoy View Memories Page
10/25/04 October 2004 Bow-Wow Newsletter View October Bow-Wow
08/02/04 Web Site Award: Seal of Patriotism View Award
08/02/04 Web Site Award: Amer. Assn of Webmasters "Bronze" View Award
07/06/04 Flashback Photo: Joe White View Photo
07/05/04 1970 Diary: Joe White recollection (7/4/70) View Diary entry
06/29/04 Rich Leonard's 04/69 prayer for KIA Gary Detrick View Prayer
06/29/04 Bert Hubble's June 2004 Bow-Wow Newsletter View June Bow-Wow
06/29/04 Beaumont, TX 2004 Reunion Group Photo View Photo
03/28/04 Flashback Photo: Cano, Steinhebel, Burnstein View Photo
03/27/04 Flashback Photo: Donut Dollies View Photo
03/27/04 Kerry Vietnam Speech to US SFR Committee April '71 View Speech
03/27/04 Flashback Photo: James A. Hood View Photo
03/22/04 Flashback Photo: 7 Men of the 47th, 1970 View Photo
03/18/04 Flashback Photo: Scout Dog "Ebony 030M" View Photo
03/06/04 Bert Hubble's March 2004 Bow-Wow Newsletter View March Bow-Wow
03/04/04 Reunion Confirmed Attendance List View Attendance List
03/02/04 59th Scout Dog Platoon Roster View Roster
02/07/04 Flashback Photo: Gary Gene Detrick View Photo
01/28/04 Highlight Photos: Haverfield, Sarge X052, R. Hermann View Photos
01/05/04 Bert Hubble's December 2003 Bow-Wow Newsletter View December Bow-Wow
11/10/03 Handler David L. Rainey found and added to roster View Roster
11/07/03 President Johnson "will not run" TV speech 3/31/68 View Speech
09/29/03 Bert Hubble's September 2003 Bow-Wow Newsletter View September Bow-Wow
06/29/03 1970 Diary: Doug McCoy recollection (9/9/70) View Diary entry
06/17/03 Bert Hubble's June 2003 Bow-Wow Newsletter View June Bow-Wow
06/04/03 Vietnam Magazine article on Michael Yalango View Article
06/01/03 Site Award: Military World Certified Site Award View Award
05/17/03 Links to '03 WD Ped. Dedication speeches & photos View Links
05/15/03 2004 Reunion Information View Info
05/14/03 Jarvis Ellis Report on '03 War Dog Pedestal Dedication View Report
05/02/03 Site Award: CAPO Web Site Excellence Award View Award
05/01/03 Flashback Photo: Larry Proper View Photo
04/30/03 Site Award: Patriot Web Site Award View Award
04/23/03 May 2002 Pedestal Dedication Program Download Document
04/21/03 Bert Hubble's March 2003 Bow-Wow Newsletter View March Bow-Wow
03/16/03 1970 Diary: Tim Newell KIA account (9/9) View Diary entry
03/06/03 Highlight Photos: Muir, Pepper, Reeves View Photos
03/02/03 Flashback Photo: Daryl Hubble & Gene Wright View Photo
02/27/03 More 2002 Reunion Album photos View Album
02/24/03 Pedestals Presentation Speech: SFC Jesse Mendez View Speech
02/22/03 Dedication Medal of Honor Speech: Col. Robert Nett View Speech
02/02/03 Site Award: Nam Magazine Site of the Week View Award
12/26/02 Bert Hubble's December 2002 Bow-Wow Newsletter View December Bow-Wow
12/09/02 2002 Reunion Album updated View Album
12/04/02 Document: Handler's Dad's countdown to DEROS View Drawing
11/13/02 Flashback Photo: Don Jestes & King 734m View Photo
11/13/02 Flashback Photo: Daryl Hubble View Photo
11/07/02 Photos of the Month: Steinhebel, Allen, Creighton/Adams View Photos
11/06/02 2002 Dedication: Speeches by Wahl and Stockdale View Speeches
11/02/02 Flashback Photo: Frank Steinhebel View Photo
11/01/02 New web site: 48th IPSDView Link to Site
10/18/02 Pres. Nixon's 1973 speech ending Vietnam War View/Listen to Speech
09/23/02 Bert Hubble's September 2002 Bow-Wow Newsletter View September Bow-Wow
06/29/02 2002 Reunion Album (in progress) View Album
06/17/02 Bert Hubble's June 2002 Bow-Wow Newsletter View June Bow-Wow
05/16/02 Flashback Photo: Ken Hudson and Jonathan Wahl View Photo
05/15/02 Pedestal Dedication at Ft. Benning View News Story
04/27/02 Flashback Photo: Ron Cooper View Photo
04/27/02 Reunion Update: Ft. Benning driving info. View Reunion Page
03/20/02 Photos of the Month: Bagatta, McMahon, Sprowl View Photos
03/19/02 Flashback Photo: 47th IPSD Graduation Parade View Photo
03/14/02 Bert Hubble's March 2002 Bow-Wow Newsletter View March Bow-Wow
03/09/02 War Dog Memorial Pedestals Plan View Pedestals Plan
02/17/02 Reunion Page Updates: latest attendees list, etc. View Reunion Page
12/16/01 Photos of the Month: Schilling, "Flexible", Owens View Photos
12/07/01 Flashback Photo: Bert Hubble and Butch 93X3 View Photo
12/07/01 1969 Diary: July 20 Apollo 11 Moon Landing View 1969 Diary
11/23/01 1968 Diary: Marvin R. Pearce gravesite photo View Photo
11/17/01 Scout Dog Pedestal Photo on Reunion page View Photo
11/16/01 War Dog Pedestal Fund Raffle Announcement View Announcement
11/14/01 VDHA Biannual (2002) Meeting Info View Info
10/30/01 Bert Hubble's December 2001 Bow-Wow Newsletter View December Bow-Wow
10/05/01 1968 Diary (Aug 25): Pearce KIA story (from Cliff Searcy) View 1968 Diary
10/04/01 1968 Diary (July): Rolf KO86 KIA info View 1968 Diary
09/08/01 Link to new website: National War Dog Memorial Fund View Site Link
09/05/01 Link to new website: 44th IPSD (Stan Widejko) View Site Link
08/25/01 Site Award: Dober's Den K-9 Award of Excellence View Award
08/03/01 Flashback WWII Photo: Simmons and "Queenie" View Photo
08/03/01 Flashback WWII Photo: Fisk, "King", Peterman View Photo
08/01/01 1971 Diary: Bob Altieri recalls Prince 74X1 KIA 01/30 View 1971 Diary
07/16/01 Photos of the Month: Fontanilla, Smokey, Carroll/Fritzie View Photos
07/10/01 Bert Hubble's September 2001 Bow-Wow Newsletter View September Bow-Wow
06/11/01 Flashback Photo: Don Jestes and Rebel X202 View Photo
05/25/01 Photos of the Month: Murphy, L. Baker, Thunder View Photos
05/22/01 Flashback Photo: Scout Dog Murphy 6M77 View Photo
05/22/01 Flashback Photo: Harraden, Powrzanas, Jestes, Jackson View Photo
05/21/01 Flashback Photo: Darrold R. Smith and Lance 8M79 View Photo
05/16/01 1969 Diary: Feb. and March new entries View 1969 Diary
05/13/01 Leroy Jackson and Bizz 16M6 Press Clip 4/1/69 View Press Clip
05/03/01 Bert Hubble's June 2001 Bow-Wow Newsletter View June Bow-Wow
04/29/01 Web Site Awards Moved to Separate Page View Site Awards
04/26/01 Press Clipping - Bill Sawyer newspaper interview View Clipping
04/26/01 Photos of the Month: S. Bowers, Wahl, Cooper View Photos
04/24/01 68 Diary: Pilot Curt Knapp's ARCOM Citation 08/25 View 1968 Diary Page
04/17/01 May 2002 Reunion Latest Committed Attendance List View Committed Attendance
04/09/01 47th/59th May 2002 Reunion Announcement View Announcement
04/08/01 Scout Dog Roster Updated with Disposition Info View Dog Roster
04/05/01 LZ Sally Aerial Photo with 47th Area shown View Aerial Photo
04/04/01 68 Diary: Pilot Curt Knapp's 08/25 medivac of M. Pearce View 1968 Diary Page
04/01/01 47th IPSD Brief Unit History updated View Bief Unit History
03/28/01 May 2002 Platoon Reunion Update: Dinner, Benning Bus Tour View Reunion Update
03/19/01 New Photos of the Month: Hopkins, Reeves, Loew View Photos
03/15/01 Flashback Photo: Bruce Carroll and Fritzie 0X05 View Photo
03/13/01 May 2002 Platoon Reunion Update View Reunion Update
03/12/01 Bert Hubble's March 2001 Bow-Wow Newsletter View March Bow-Wow
03/11/01 1970 Diary: 7/70 Joe White and Teddy Gibbs incident View 1970 Diary Page
02/21/01 1969 Diary: Memories of 2nd Bde Cmdr Col. John Hoefling View 1969 Diary Page
02/18/01 K9 Corps: Brief History of War Dogs in US Military View K9 History
02/06/01 Geocities Pentagon Elite Site Award rec'd (Top Award) View Award
02/04/01 1971 Diary Updated: Dan Tuppper recollection 01/30/71 View 1971 Diary Page
02/04/01 Newly found handler Donald R. Loew added to site View Roster Info
02/01/01 47th Web Site Search Added to Main Page View Search Form
01/26/01 May 2002 Platoon Reunion Info View Reunion Info
01/15/01 New Photos of the Month View Photos
01/05/01 New Guestbook (old one is now read-only) View Guestbook
12/19/00 Geocities Pentagon Featured Site Award rec'd View Award
12/18/00 Geocities Pentagon Quality Site Award rec'd View Award
12/16/00 Geocities Pentagon Site Inspection Award rec'd View Award
12/15/00 New Photos of the Month View Photos
12/03/00 Minor Updates to Dog Roster View Dog Roster
11/29/00 Flashback Photo: Coco (aka Eagle) Beach View Photo
11/28/00 Flashback Photo: Jonathan Wahl and Willie 6M11 View Photo
11/20/00 1969 Diary Updated: D. Jestes March 03 entry View 1969 Diary Page
11/20/00 1971 Diary Updated: July entry - HQ Detachment photo View 1971 Diary Page
11/19/00 Flashback Photo Correction: D. Jestes' dog's name View Photo
11/16/00 Bert Hubble's December 2000 Bow-Wow Newsletter View Bow-Wow
11/10/00 Flashback Photo: J. Powrzanas and Pal M596 View Photo
11/09/00 1970 Diary Updated - incl. Diaz hootch after explosion View 1970 Diary Page
11/09/00 Flashback Photo: R. Hong and A. Matthews View Photo
11/08/00 1971 Diary Updated: June 28 entry updated View 1971 Diary Page
11/08/00 Form DA 137: R. Hong Installation Clearance Leaving 47th View Document
11/06/00 John Carter Letter: 47th IPSD's Move to LZ Sally in 1968 View Letter
11/05/00 Flashback Photo: Group at Sally Clubhouse View Photo
11/04/00 Flashback Photo: Jonathan Wahl with mascot Flexible View Photo
11/02/00 New Photos of the Month View Photos
11/01/00 Original Document: American Leaflet to Viet Cong View Leaflet
10/31/00 Wash DC 2000 Reunion Photo View Photo
10/30/00 1968 Diary Updated View 1968 Diary Page
10/30/00 New Press Clipping - Dan Tupper's Prince View Clip
10/30/00 "Search the Internet" added to Main Page View Search Bar

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