47th IPSD Alphabetical Roster
This roster contains the names of all individuals known to have served with the 47th.
Please send any changes/additions to 47ipsd@47ipsd.us


Adams, James H.
Fritz 4M69
Dallas TX 6/00/69 01/00/70 Later served as a Door Gunner
Allen, Herman L.
Sig K036
Hemphill TX 5/27/68 4/26/69 Re-enlisted - Assigned to 59th IPSD
Allgood, Velton C. Laddie Meridan MS 8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Sergeant
Anderson, Dale A. Dusty     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Antone, Ervin       0/00/70 7/00/71  
Arellano, Alfred R.Arellano Teddy 34X5 Denver CO 9/00/68 3/00/69  
Ashcraft, Simon J.Ashcraft LoBo X958 Pittsburgh PA   8/17/70 Assigned a Second Dog, Also Clerk
Ashton, William J. Cookie     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Ayers, Ben Buck 61X2 Lowell MI      
Bagatta, FrankBagatta Rebel X202Rebel New City NY 5/27/68 7/18/68 Wounded
Bailey, William Prince Bronx NY   5/00/70  
Baker, Dale L.Dale Baker Dutch 21A8Dutch Dillon MT 7/00/70 4/8/71  
Baker, Larry W.Larry Baker Cindy 32M5     7/00/70 11/24/70 Died November 1980
Bamburg, Brooks V.   Biloxi MS 6/00/70 12/13/70  
Barnett, DanielDan Barnett None Crossville TN 4/00/69 5/00/70 Plt Sergeant 44th, 57th, 58th, 47th
Baumgardner, William       9/00/70 4/00/71 Wounded
Beal, John A.John Beal Moe X363 Albia IA 9/00/68 2/00/69  
Bishop, Algin T.         2/16/71  
Bowers, George Wolf X548 Burmingham AL 1/00/69 6/00/69 Wounded
Bowers, StephenStephen Bowers Lance 8M79Lance Sarasota FL 05/00/69 03/20/70  
Brackett, Gordon S. Jr. Lance 8M79 Lodi CA 8/00/68 7/31/69 Silver Star - 1969, died 06/24/2008
Braden, Charles A.Chuck Braden   Clinton TN 6/00/70 8/9/70 died 09/11/1971
Bradshaw, James M.James Bradshaw       7/00/69 2/00/70 Platoon Comander
Breitbach, Sylvester J. Johnny     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Bullock, Ronald Ebony 030MEbony Hanson MA 5/31/69 2/00/70 Wounded 6/69, killed 05/19/2010 Tampa, FL
Burghart, Peter N.Peter Burghart Gretchen 7K19Gretchen Stratford CT 10/00/70 10/00/71 Died 5/11/04
Burnstein, SandySandy Burnstein None Valley Center CA 7/00/70 7/00/71 Veterinary Technician
Buturlia, Russel D.   Groveland MA   4/00/70  
Cano, JesusJesus Cano Sally-JSally-J El Paso TX 7/00/70 7/00/71 Veterinary Technician, Sally-J was mascot
Carey, Thomas P.   Burnsville MN   11/2/70  
Carroll, Bruce E.Bruce Carroll Smokey 750M
Fritzie 0X05
San Leandro CA 1/00/70 1/00/71 Died 08/24/2011;
Carter, John F.John Carter None Granby CT 5/27/68 5/23/69 Veterinary Technician
Casimano, CharlesCharles Casmano Roger 3M84 Levittown NY 7/00/70 3/00/71  
Chadwick, D. E.       7/01/70 7/00/71  
Chaffin, Alethan E. Tags     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Collins, Jerry D. Dutch 21A8Dutch       12/17/71  
Collins, Rufus W.         1/2/72  
Combs, Refus M.Refus Combs Duke Shreveport LA 10/00/70 7/00/71  
Cooper, Ronald K.Ron Cooper Thunder X229Thunder Los Angeles CA 3/00/70 4/20/71  
Corsello, Thomas G.Tom Corsello Jeff 3M61Jeff Hearne TX 5/27/68 5/23/69 X'frd to Line Unit but Returned. Died 11/18/2009
Cox, James E. Cider 05M6
LoBo X958
  AL 05/10/69; 04/13/70 Died 08/24/2011
Creighton, James       6/00/69 3/00/70  
Cunningham, William Bizz 16M6 Janesville WI 9/00/68 11/7/68 Wounded
Daniels, James Lion 12M8          
Darmstadt, Alwyn R Rider 7K21 Elmira NY 12/00/70 7/00/71  
Dennis, Harley W. Spencer X100 Howell MI 01/00/70 9/12/70  
Dentis, ArthurDentis Rex 9A20 Houston TX 5/00/69 4/00/70 Mine/Tunnel Dog Team
Detrick, Gary GeneDetrick Princess 1M20 Wapakoneta OH 1/29/69 4/13/69 KIA 4/13/69 Wall Panel 27W-072
Diaz, Rafael AngelDiaz   New York NY   11/30/70 IH 11/30/70 Wall Panel 06W-098
Dimuccio, Michael         3/18/72  
Dozier, Thomas B.         11/00/71  
Egan, Darrell A.         1/00/70  
Epps, ClintonEppss Fritz 3M75 Talulah LA 11/00/68 11/00/69  
Falk, Bruce P. Brownie     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Fisher, Charles N. Duke 217M     8/6/70    
Fisk, Elmer Duke H-14 Poynette WI 8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Sergeant
Fontanilla, Gustino Bud 64A7 Eleele HI   8/6/70 Transferred in from 41st IPSD
Franks, Charles W.Franks Little Joe 223M Owens Crossroads AL 3/00/70 9/10/70 x'frd from B/2/501st
Gary, Martin W. None     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service First Lieutenant
Gassman, Robert S.         2/10/72  
Gibbs, TheodoreGibbs Dug 112M 4/00/70 12/31/70 Second Dog was Charger 416A
Goelzhauser, Gary J.Gary Goelzhauser Murphy 6M77Murphy 6M77 Herculaneum MO 12/00/69 11/9/70 died 03/25/2009
Gollindo         10/3/71  
Grubbs, Glenn V.Grubbs         12/2/70  
Hames, Michael L,Hames Wolf X548 Giddings TX 5/27/68 5/23/69 died 06/18/2012
Harper II, William R.         4/00/70  
Harraden, JonathanHarraden Major 3M47 Woodstock CT 5/27/68 5/23/69 Wounded 7/26/1968; Died 11/4/2017
Harrelson, Daniel D Duke Andalusia AL   3/00/70  
Hartley, Guy H. Wolf     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Sergeant
Haverfield, CraigHaverfield Nicki X370Nicki Coral Springs FL 5/27/68 5/23/69  
Herman, Dennis M.Dennis M. Herman Bar 189A Maiden NC 01/01/71 9/17/71  
Hermann, Roger J.Roger Hermann Major M092 Nanuet NY 5/27/68 5/23/69  
Hermann, Wesley T.Wesley Hermann Buck 61X2 Ottawa IL 5/27/68 11/24/68 Wounded 11/24/68, Died 199?
Hicks, Edward S.G.Gunnar Hicks Princess 1M20 Manchester CT 5/27/68 5/23/69 Wounded 7/20/1968
Hicks, Jesse C.         10/5/71  
Hoeppner, Raymond Lady     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Hong, Richard D.Hong Ebony 030MEbony Madison WI 9/1/68 9/1/69 Bronze Star with "V" Device
Hood, James A.James Hood   Quitman TX   1/9/71 Platoon Sergeant
Hopkins, Ronny Doc        
Horn, John          
Hrouda, Bernard A.   Colonial Hts VA      
Hubbard, Don E.Don Hubbard Prince Fort Worth TX   11/9/70  
Hubble, Bertram MB. Hubble Butch 93X3Butch Glendora CA 5/27/68 11/1/68 Reassigned to 45th IPSD
Hubble, Daryl E.D. Hubble Trooper 3M28Trooper Los Angeles CA 5/27/68 11/1/68 Reassigned to 45th IPSD
Hudson, Kenneth P.Ken Hudson Sarge X052Sarge Mooresville NC 5/00/69 11/00/69 also Platoon Clerk, died 10/06/2016
Huertas, Cesar   Bronx NY      
Huskey. William L. Little Joe 223M   VA   2/00/70  
Jackson, LeRoyLeroy Jackson Bizz 16M6 Brunswick GA      
Jacobson, Lane H. Smokie 7M50 Esmond ND   8/21/70  
Jestes, Donald G.Don Jestes Rebel X202Rebel X202 Ellicott City MD 12/00/68 12/00/69 1st dog King
Johnson, Otis L.Otis Johnson Rolf K086 Canon City CO 5/27/68 5/23/69 Wounded
Jones, Donnie WDonnie Jones Prince Fortson GA 6/00/68 5/00/70 Before with the 44th IPSD
Jones, WilliamWillie Jones Colonel 5M17 Oak Park IL 5/27/68 11/01/68 Reassigned to 45th IPSD
Jonson, Ernest A. Jr.Ernie Jonson Major 3M47 Redmond WA 5/27/68 11/01/68 Wounded, Reassigned to 45th IPSD
Kashkarov, Werner Hansel Santa Monica CA 4/00/70 6/00/70 Transferred in from 41st IPSD
Kelly, Edward J. II         7/00/71  
Kelly, StephenStephen Kelly Blitz Birmingham AL 05/00/70 03/00/71  
Kohout, Roger J.Roger Kohout Bullet 6M29 Definance OH   9/13/70  
Kraay, Paul D.Paul Kraay Duke VO79Duke VO79 Paxton IL 11/20/69 10/15/70  
Krabbee, William L. Pal     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Kuezek, Jim Fat Albert 7K10 Phillipsburg NJ 10/00/70 7/00/71 Mine/Tunnel Dog Team
Lamar, Arthur J.Art Lamar         3/00/70 Wounded 9/69
Lane, David   Goldsboro NC      
Ledford, Noah Jr.     NC   5/00/70 Cherokee Native American aka "Chief"
Lemish, Steve Duke 96M0 El Cajon CA 1/00/71 7/21/71  
Leonard, Richard G.Rich Leonard Toby X365Toby X365 Centerville UT 5/27/68 4/26/69  
Lewis, James         3/1/72  
Loew, Donald R. Bud 64A7     06/01/70 12/31/70 Accompanied T. Newell's body home
Martin, David Springer IIMartin II Smokey 750MSmokey Dallas TX 06/69 04/00/70 Died 10/20/18
Mathews, AllenMathews Rowdy 9A71Rowdy Cridersville OH 1/29/69 1/25/70 also handled LoBo X958
McCoy, George D.McCoy Wolf X548 Pell City AL 3/01/70 1/21/71  
McCrary, Ronnie F.McCrary Sarge X052Sarge Toney AL 1/29/69 8/24/70  Died 8/19/01
McMahon, Joseph P.McMahon Alex 0K64 Elkhart IN 5/27/68 12/00/68  
McNall, Everette H. None     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service T/Sergeant
Mengel, Gary E.Gary Mengel Mike X668 S Lakeland FL 5/27/68 Wounded
Mestrits, ZoltanZoltan Mestrits Lux Mayfield Village OH 4/00/70 8/00/70 Transferred in from 41st IPSD
Miller, Paul Michael Prince Cheboygan MI 8/00/70 6/00/71 Wounded
Miller, Roberto Roberto Miller None FPO AE 11/23/68 7/00/69 Platoon Commander
Monahan, Vinny J.       10/00/70 7/00/71  
Moore, Richard .T.       7/00/70 7/14/71  
Muir, Thomas Jr. Thomas Muir Bullet 6M29Bullet Medford OR 5/27/68 5/23/69 Second Dog Prince 14M1
Murray, Richard T. Duke Rockville Ctr NY 8/00/70 7/00/71  
Newell, Tim Edwin Blackie 38A3 De Moines IA   9/09/70 KIA ambush 9/09/70, Wall Panel 07W-049
Nisse, Charles L         6/00/70 Platoon Clerk
Nywening, KennethKenneth Nywening Sargeant 5A05 Princeton Jct NJ 8/00/70 7/00/71  
Owen, Phillip G.   N. Hollywood CA   1970  
Owens, Richard G.Richard Ownes Shep 69A3 Redding CA   12/16/70 OJT Handler from 2/502
Paventy, Lewis C. Dug 112M       11/30/71  
Pearce, Marvin R.Marvin Pearce Prince 14M1 Capitola CA 5/27/68 8/25/68 KIA 8/25/68 Wall Panel 46W-019
Pepper, Richard L.Richard Pepper Zeus 296AZeus Robbinsville NC 5/70 3/71  
Perrie, Michael J. Baron 81A3 Pensacola FL 4/00/70 2/23/71  
Perry, Woodron L.         6/00/70  
Peterman, Rene M. King     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Peters, George G. Buddy     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Pinezaddleby, John Pinezaddleby Fant K027Fant Anadarko OK 8/00/70 7/6/71  
Powers, Jerry R.         1/11/92  
Powrzanas, Jimmy E. Powrzanas Rebel X202Rebel X202 Fultondale AL 5/27/68 5/23/69  
Prior, Harry         7/21/71 Veterinary Technician
Proper, Larry E. Larry Proper Fellow 0K88 Suffolk VA 5/27/68 5/23/69 Bronze Star with "V" Device
Rainey, David L. King 36A6 Seaside OR 12/01/70 07/21/71  
Raphel, Eugene V.   Washington DC   6/00/70  
Reeves, Edward L.Ed Reeves Prince 986A Grove City OH 8/21/70 7/21/71  
Rhea, Robert Trooper 3M28 Laurel DE 1/00/71 5/00/71 OJT handler from a line unit
Rivera, Benjamin         7/00/71  
Robbins, Dennis N.Dennis Robbins   Santa Rosa CA 9/00/70 7/00/71 Platoon Clerk, d. 1992
Rodgers, John C. Alex     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Rohde, Charles A. Shep 69A3Shep 69A3 Saginaw MI 3/00/70 8/17/70  
Rohl, Robert L.         1/21/71  
Rosnau, LowellRosnau Rickey Brainerd MN 8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Roush, Philip E.Roush Shep 69A3Shep 69A3     05/31/69 7/00/70  
Sager, Dennis R.         3/12/71  
Sawyer, William HSawyer Dug 112MDug Palermo ME 4/00/70 7/00/70 Transferred in from 41st IPSD
Scherer, Douglas E.Scherer Thunder X229 Tekonsha MI   8/19/70  
Schilling, Franz J.
Sig K036
Montrose MO   11/8/70  
Schwartzberg, Arthur   Brooklyn NY   7/21/71 Veterinary Technician
Selix, James M.   Colorado Springs CO   10/30/71 Killed 10/30/71 Wall Panel 02W-056
Severni, FrederickFred Severni PrincePrince Fridley MN 5/27/68 5/23/69 Reassigned to 42nd IPSD
Simmons, Cecil H. Pal     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Simon, Endre   Burnsville MN      
Smith, Darrold R. Lance 8M79 Houston TX   1/21/71  
Smock, Donald D.         1/7/72  
Sprowl, Linn E. Linn Sprowl None Lacey WA 5/27/68 9/05/68 Platoon Sergeant
Steinhebel, Frank J.Frank Steinhebel Bullet 6M29Bullet Madison Hts MI 7/15/70 7/00/71  
Stevens, Charles F King 72M4 Montross VA 3/15/71 6/3/71 Wounded
Steward, Cecil L. Pal     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Stockdale, Stanley Stan Stockdale None NW Atlanta GA 5/27/68 5/23/69 Platoon Commander
Stringer, William F.William Stringer   Miami FL   7/00/71 Platoon Sergeant
Surratt, Roy L. Boy     8/18/45 10/20/45 WWII Service Rank T/5
Surrett, Robert L. Rex 9A20         Wounded 3/30/70
Taylor, John G. Socks X889 Edison GA     Off Leash Dog Team, Wounded
Thomas, David A. Boo 7M10 Kissimmee FL   8/00/70  
Thorpe, Thomas S.Thomas Thorpe Sig K036 Yucaipa CA 2/00/70 9/00/70 Platoon Commander, in from 41st IPSD
Tremember, Jake Don       7/00/69 7/00/70  
Tupper, DanDan Tupper Prince 74X1 Burghill OH 10/00/70 7/00/71 2nd Dog was Thunder X229, died 04/09/2011
Van Clief, John R.John Van Clief None Louisville KY 9/30/70 7/21/71 Platoon Commander
Wagner, David A.David Wagner Prince 14M1 Salisbury NC   2/28/71  
Wahl, JonathanJonathan Wahl FlexibleFlexible Delray Beach FL 5/27/68 5/23/69 Platoon Clerk, Flexible was Mascot
Wells, Raymond Jr.         3/00/71  
White, Blaine L.   Westwego LA   9/15/70  
White, Joseph J.Joe White Ebony 030MEbony Jacksonville FL 02/00/70 10/22/70 Wrote book "Ebony & White", died 10/24/2009
White, Tommy C.   Jackson TN      
Wilde, Jon C.   Claude TX 6/00/70 12/00/70 Platoon Sergeant, died 08/25/1997
Wilson, Benjamin Prince 14M1         Wounded 3/15/70
Wright, Eugene C.Gene Wrright Pup 3M45Pup 3M45
Springfield MO 5/27/68 2/00/69 nicknamed "The General"
Wyatt, Michael Rebel 43X4 Lima OH 10/00/69 6/01/71 43rd IPSD Handler (WIA), Clerk with 47th
Yalango, MichaelYalango Boo 7M10
Sarge X052
Staten Island NY 6/00/69 6/00/70  
Youtz, James E. Willie 6M11Willie Harrisbourg PA 5/27/68 7/27/68 Wounded

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